59 Percent Burns As Worshipper Jumps In Burning Paper Pit

This is the moment a woman suffers burns on nearly two thirds of her body when she deliberately jumps into a pit of burning paper at a Buddhist temple after misjudging its depth.

Temple-goer Ms He was visiting Xiangshan Temple, which is in the city of Pingdingshan in Central China’s Henan Province, in order to pay respects to her ancestors and deceased family members.

She was burning joss paper – also known as ghost money – which is offered to the deceased as a currency in the afterlife.

Credit AsiaWire
The patient Ms He recovering from 59-percent burns in hospital

But when her papers failed to fully ignite and ended up resting on top of the pile of ash, Ms He decided to step into the furnace pit to fetch them.

Footage taken during the incident on 31st August shows Ms He hopping into the pit and immediately falling over after misjudging the depth of the pile of burned paper.

She immediately begins rolling around in pain before a group of other visitors rush over to help.

Ms He was taken to the PLA 152 Central Hospital for emergency treatment and was diagnosed with ‘severe burns’ on 59 percent of her body.

Credit AsiaWire
Temper-goer Ms He jumps into the pit of burning joss paper

She is not in any life-threatening condition, reports said.

Ms He recalled: “Only a few of my joss papers were burning. A whole wad was left unlit, so I went in from a side gate.

“I didn’t know how deep it was or how hot it was. I just wanted to grab the joss paper and light it again.

“It was only after I jumped in that I realised it was a fire pit.

Credit AsiaWire
Temper-goer Ms He jumps into the pit of burning joss paper

“It hurt so much I nearly passed out. I didn’t know what to do, so I rolled around looking for the exit and crying for help, then a few young men pulled me out.

“All my skin came off and was hanging. Blood was seeping out all over my body.”

It was unclear at the time of writing how long Ms He will spend in hospital.

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Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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