2-Job Man Spends 85 Percent Of Cash Feeding Strays

This bighearted animal lover has spent a decade working two jobs to feed stray cats and dogs near his home spending at least 85 percent of his 322-GBP income on them.

Anfalazie Anuar, 30, of the town of Bukit Mertajam in north-western Malaysia’s Penang state, spends more than half his wages on food for the stray cats and dogs.

Credit: AsiaWire/@azman.ali.3152
Anfalazie spends half of his income on food for his animal friends

For the last 10 years, he has been stopping his motorbike on the way to and from his jobs as a cleaner and a parking attendant to feed the animals, according to local media.

He said: “Every day I come and feed these strays, even if I’m sick. If not, I’ll feel even sicker from the guilt of knowing they can’t eat.”

Anfalazie’s selfless devotion to his furry friends only came to light when it was highlighted on Facebook by user ‘Azman Ali’.

Azman said he had seen Anfalazie feeding stray cats and dogs every day on his way to and from work in all weathers.

Credit: AsiaWire/@azman.ali.3152
He says he only needs money to buy rice, eggs and soya sauce for himself

“Not just for a day or two, but years and years,” he wrote. “This is a genuine soul.

“It took me a few months to properly speak to him as he is quite shy, but he eventually told me that he feeds them twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening – at different locations.”

Anfalazie earns 850 MYR (157 GBP) a month as a cleaner and another 30 MYR (5.50 GBP) a day parking cars – but spends 50 MYR (9.25 GBP) every day on chicken and fish for the animals.

Credit: AsiaWire
Anfalazie Anuar takes care of strays in his area

Anfalazie said his mother had brought him up to love animals and never to hurt them.

“I don’t need fancy meals, I’m happy with rice, fried eggs and soy sauce,” he said.

Netizen ‘James Duncan’ commented: “This is a young man who is noble”, while ‘Subri Gulong’ added: “I believe these dogs and cats will always pray for him.”

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