100s Of 5G Protesters Ignore Social Distancing In Oz

This shocking video shows how hundreds of people in Australia ignored social distancing rules to protest against the installation of 5G masts.

There have been a number of arson attacks on 5G installations around the world following discredited claims that it was weakening people’s immune systems and making them susceptible to the coronavirus.

The mob who were chanting “no to 5G” had gathered together in the town of Mullumbimby in the Byron Shire of New South Wales after it was claimed that staff from Australian telecommunications company Telstra were preparing to upgrade the networks to 5G after councillors had approved the move.

Credit: Newsflash/Dean Jefferys

They claimed that councillors were using the lockdown to send technicians onto the street to secretly install the 5G technology.

One protester, Dean Jefferys, a 62-year-old filmmaker, told local media that he believed the claims that the electromagnetic radiation from 5G would affect the ability of his immune system to fight off the disease.

He said: “Especially in this age of coronavirus, you want to have your immunity as strong as you can.”

Police at the scene later arrested him when he tried to block a truck which was supposed to move a car causing an obstruction. The vehicle was put in place to stop what was believed to be moves to install 5G equipment.

Credit: Newsflash/Dean Jefferys
Dean Jefferys

Jasmin Jefferys, his daughter, told Newsflash: “He sat down to blockade the truck and the policeman grabbed him and they forcefully threw him in the wagon. I’m proud there are people like my dad and others who are brave enough to stand up for the truth and be a voice for the people. It’s time to step up and take action for the reality we want to live in…”

Police declined to comment on their involvement at the scene and Mr Jeffereys said that after his arrest he had been released without charge.

He told Newsflash: “I am shocked that the government would roll out 5G during a lockdown hoping to avoid any protests. Not in Mullumbimby, thank God. Good on every one and good for keeping 2 metres apart and keeping social distancing even though the police where kneeing me in the back while I was sitting on the grass. When I asked them to keep the social distance they just arrested me without giving me any direction or warning. Talk about a police state doing the dirty work of the government and a 5G corporation. No conspiracy here folks.”

Video footage however shows that the protesters were breaking social distancing rules, which in turn attracted criticism from online commentators.

Credit: Newsflash/Dean Jefferys
Dean Jefferys

Many pointed out that there were risking their lives from a real threat in order to tackle an imaginary one.

Telstra refused to discuss the specific location featured in the footage but admitted that they were rolling out 5G to 32 cities around the country by the end of June.

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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